Tiffany Stull, COTA/L

Area Manager

Area Manager Tiffany Stull  has been with Arbor for over10 years as a therapy assistant, back- up FRC, and FRC. Tiffany graduated from Kent State University ( East Liverpool Campus). The ability to advance with the company is something Tiffany appreciates about Arbor. She notes the company readily gives positive feedback and stays current with our changing industry. 

As an Arrea Manager, Tiffany enjoys interacting with diffferent staff and seeing what goes on "behind the scenes" to help our teams excel. When not working, she enjoys spending time wiht her husband and cheering on her 3 children at thier various sporting events. She is also a talented crafter! Tiffany always appears cool under pressure and is resourceful in problem solving, something all of her peers can appreciate! 

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