Despite having two surgeries on the same hip, Patricia is looking forward to dancing again! 

    Patricia came to the Welsh Home at the end of April after a hard fall, causing her to have a total hip replacement of her Right Leg. She had fallen a year ago, causing her to have a partial replacement at that time, then her most recent fall caused the need for the total hip replacement. When she arrived at Welsh, she was on antibiotics for an infection on top of toe-touch weight bearing in the right leg for 6 weeks. Her weight bearing restrictions never slowed her down and she was up and out of bed immediately and ambulating within her first week! Pat was extremely determined and worked hard every day to get to the point of 50% weight bearing in her Right Leg and planning to return home with her daughter and son-in-law.

    Upon returning home, Pat plans to keep up with her exercises, walking outside and pushing herself to stay strong to avoid any more falls in her future. She looks most forward to spending time with her close-knit family and especially getting to see her great-grand babies. In her down time, she also enjoys reality TV shows, watching the news and reading and Pat would really like to get back to dancing too, even if she takes a walker with her to do it!

    Pat said that she will, “greatly miss the staff and how they treated me and helped me get better. It is rewarding to have such a great team to get me back on my feet. The nursing and therapy team all feel like family to me. Anything that comes up, they will help you through it. The therapy team is so motivating to help you want to get well. This is the best nursing facility I have ever come to for my rehabilitation!”

We will all miss our Pat dearly and wish her the best!

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Proud of Our Teams!

On a weekly basis, Mark Stapleton, Dir. of Clinical Operations, sends out an email to our FRCs noting the challenges and accomplishments of the past week. He speaks on behalf of all who support our therapy teams. We are so proud to work with each of our resourceful therapists! Below is one example.

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