Puzzle Club

Puzzle Buzz... Residents and staff join in the challenge! 

Here at The Briarwood, our therapy team has started a Puzzle Club. Residents and employees alike stop by throughout the day to work on puzzles. Some working for just a few minutes and others a few hours. It is a relaxing way to connect with others while working toward a common goal. In fact, the Puzzle Club is so popular, the group compltes at least 1 puzzle a week! The group decided to take a picture of some of their frequent "puzzlers" and made the photo of participants into a puzzle itself! This custom puzzle will also be completed by the club.  Once the custom puzzle is finished, it will be framed and put it on display. Different puzzles will continue to be completed and displayed for different themes/holidays. The facility has been very supportive and eager to see their progress.  Great idea Team Briarwood! 

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Proud of Our Teams!

On a weekly basis, Mark Stapleton, Dir. of Clinical Operations, sends out an email to our FRCs noting the challenges and accomplishments of the past week. He speaks on behalf of all who support our therapy teams. We are so proud to work with each of our resourceful therapists! Below is one example.

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Small Kindnesses

Our seniors and immune compromised individuals have been dealt a 1-2 sucker punch by COVID 19. Arbor's therapists help to offset the second punch.

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