Preparing for the Metroparks! 

Mr. McNeeley came to Avon Oaks for therapy, on February 3rd, 2023, following an above knee amputation. He required maximal assistance for all his mobility and minimal to moderate assistance for activities of daily living. Problem solving and memory were also addressed by Speech Therapy to prepare him to live independently. Initially he needed help getting from one surface to another using a transfer board. He progressed to using the walker with Physical Therapy.  Occupational therapy then got him moving safely in a kitchen area to be able to perform some light homemaking tasks.  “I improved from bed to chair to walker to be moving on my own” he says. “I had to put my faith in my physical and occupational therapists and they went about it very professionally” Mr. McNeeley is now walking around with the walker and using his prosthetic leg. “I will be hiking in the Metroparks one day”. He is looking forward to returning home!

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