A life time of overcoming challenges enables life time success! 

Walter Delbridge's rehab success story is remarkable in itself. He went from only being able to walk 15' initially to going 250' with supervision. He mastered stair climbibing and transfers. With OT, he achieved  stand-by-assist with all self care and functional mobility. These improvements are enabling him to return home after a summer of ups and downs. Through it all, Walter applied his life long lesson, perseverance. 

Althoguh he is having physical challenges as an adult, he said he learned long ago that when you are lacking in an area, it is essential to listen to others who have had similar hardships, learn form them and then persist. As a young man he studied at Harvard, Yale and Moorehouse. He was chosen as one of the first African Americans to receive a Ford Foundation scholarship.  Then a diagnosis of schizophrenia upended everything. He was in a mental health hospital for 4 months as he started to learn how to overcome his challenges.  Walter turned his difficulties into success as he became a published author and poet.   His life and his literary works truly show the fortitude of this amazing gentleman! Thank you Walter for sharing your story with us. 

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