Billy overcomes several obstacles with the help of the therapists at Concord Village! 

Billy was working as an aeronautical engineer when he had a sudden change in medical status that resulted in a lengthy, complicated hospital stay, including prolonged intubation and a feeding tube for nutrition. Billy spent a total of 42 days at Concord Village Skilled Nursing and Rehab, interrupted by a second complicated hospital stay.  When he first came to Concord Village, he struggled to talk and swallow.  There were concerns that he wouldn’t be able to manage his own saliva let alone eat food again.  After extensive speech and swallowing therapy including VitalStim treatment, Billy was able to transition to solid foods and thin liquids. 

Billy’s medical complications also left him weak, unsteady, and dependent on a wheelchair.  He required support for standing, walking, and all of his activities of daily living.  Billy gave his best effort and amazed his therapists every day!  Upon his discharge to home, he was able to complete his activities of daily living independently and walk with a walker.  Billy’s positive attitude and perseverance was an inspiration to other patients and the therapy team.

Billy looks forward to returning home to spend time continuing his recovery with his family.  It was very difficult for him to be away from them for so long, but he stayed in touch via phone and window visits, with daily updates provided by the nursing and therapy staff.   He and his wife Gwen celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary on the date of his discharge to home. 

Billy is the smiling face in the center picture, surrounded by the members of his Arbor therapy team Sarah Watt, SLP, Beth Johnson, OTR, and Bethany Hrovat, DPT.  Kudos to this team for thier collage as a creative way to snap a socially distanced picture! 

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