Diverse skills, careful rapport building and going the extra mile makes home health's Tobias the patients' pick! 

Tobias brings a lot with him to each home health visit! He has 15 years of experience as a home health therapist AND a Bachelor's Degree as well as a Master's Degree in Public Health and Health Sciences. His education only patrtially explains why he is the Patients' Pick in our home health division. When asked his formula for success with patients, he noted the following:

  • Strong clinical skills are a must!  Teaching physical therapy at the Kent State Ashtabula branch keeps his clinical tool kit diverse and up-to-date! 
  • He believes that rapport is especially important in home health. In fact, some patients will allow him in thier homes but not their own family members! Being aware of how you come across to others is highly important in this industry and something Tobias considers each day. He calls this "First Date" skills! 
  • As a PTA, he knows his primary job is to get people moving safely again. To that job description, he adds going the extra mile to let their dog out, or bring in the mail until the patient is ready to do these tasks on thier own. Tobias believes "Personal relationships go a long way, it shows we care, building good relationships makes my job easier in the long run." 
  • Posivie relationships also help Tobias be more effective. As he gains a patient's trust throught the little things, they are more likely to trust him with the bigger, scarier challenges with bigger functional pay-offs! 
  • And finally, his success comes from keeping therapy intersting and fun!  Doing the same exercises and tasks each session becomes boring for everyone. FUNctional, diverse therapeutic activities keeps patients engaged and progressing.

With all of the above insighful approaches to excellent patient care, it's no wonder Tobias is the Patients' Pick!

Congratulations Tobias! 

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