From a ventilator to a walker! 

Greg was a very active and independent guy who was enjoying retired life at home with his wife and taking care of his house and cars.  He was diagnosed with Covid-19 in November 2020 and admitted to the hospital, where he required intubation and to be placed on a ventilator to sustain his breathing. 

After several weeks at the hospital and LTACH where he spent most of the time in bed, Greg was admitted to Concord Village with very limited mobility.  He was unable to tolerate sitting in a wheelchair for more than a few minutes and could not move his arms to hold a telephone or feed himself.  Greg spent 92 days in skilled rehabilitation at Concord Village where he received the care, encouragement, and therapy he needed to regain function.  It was a long process, but Greg never lost focus and persevered.  He was able to leave Concord Village walking with a walker and completing his activities of daily living independently!  The staff and residents were so excited about his progress and ability to return home that they honored him with a “clap out” ceremony to celebrate his accomplishment.

Greg knows the process was long but said his time at Concord Village “went so fast”!  He looks forward to continuing his progress to walk without a walker “someday”, being more active, taking care of his cars, and being able to drive again.  He reports an overall great experience at Concord Village, but his favorite thing was working with Lindsay and Beth in therapy.  

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Oppose CMS’s 15% Cut by September 13, 2021!

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Proud of Our Teams!

On a weekly basis, Mark Stapleton, Dir. of Clinical Operations, sends out an email to our FRCs noting the challenges and accomplishments of the past week. He speaks on behalf of all who support our therapy teams. We are so proud to work with each of our resourceful therapists! Below is one example.

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