Ultimately proving determination pays off, Pat goes home after more than 18 months in a nursing home! 

Pat Welsh came to the Welsh Home from another facility in February of 2020 with a diagnosis of congested heart failure.  Pat was evaluated for therapy to improve her mobility and self care skills. Initially, Pat was very quiet and appeared defeated. There were multiple attempts with several different therapists to try to get her to stand in parallel bars, address bed mobility and just sitting at the edge of the bed to get stronger. Pat stated she wasn’t strong enough and had too much knee pain to continue. She was unable to stand ad used a Hoyer lift for transfers.

              In October 2020 during our routine screens Pat stated she was feeling stronger and had an improved mood. She began standing and walking in teh parallel bars, progressing to ambulating 10 feet wiht w front wheeled walker. Just when she was making progress she was sent out to the hospital for severe aortic stenosis. When she returned from the hospital she declined therapy and appeared defeated again.

              By November 2020 Pat decided to try therapy again. We worked on leg strengthening, transfers and ambulation. Each day she got stronger and more confident and that was the key for Pat.  She got very discouraged if she wasn’t able to complete a task the way she wanted.  Many times she just wanted to stop treatment. There were multiple days her PTA Amy reminded her that even great athletes have bad days. One day Amy asked “what are your goals?” She stated,” I want to go home.” So they worked on bed mobility, progressing from sitting at the edge of the bed, to eing able to use a stand lift for daily transfers. Next they worked endlessly on sit to stand transfers, then ambulation and were eventaully able to discontinue the stand lift. They moved on to stair climbing.  She went from 1 stair to 6 stairs with 2 hand rails and contact guard.  Car transfers were addressed as well and turned out to be no problem at all! 

              The final step would be to conduct a home evaluation during Covid. In August of 2021, the Physical Therapist was able to meet Pat and her husband at her home. Everything during the home eval went well. Pat was able to get in their house, into her own bed, use a tub transfer bench and walk around the house! Preparing for that exciiting home going day included deterniming durable medical equipment needs, setting up the bathroom for easy access to items, energy conservation, activity pacing and how to live with her husband again, understanding that this transition could be overwhelming.  

              So on October 9th 2021, Pat Welsh walked out of the Welsh Home to move back into her home with her husband. Pat plans on decluttering the house and reading Greek history or any book about history. Great job Team Welsh Home and Pat, you did it! 

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