Despite six days alone on the floor of her home, Gay beats the odds! 

              Gay came to the Welsh Home after suffering a right side brain bleed. She laid on her floor for six days before her friends found her. She was taken to Cleveland Clinic downtown to the ICU and was put on a ventilator. When her POA arrived, she told the doctors that Gay did not want extreme measures to be taken to save her life. She was taken off the ventilator and transported to a hospice house. She was on hospice for 6 weeks and in that time she started to recover. Gay was asked what she wanted to do next and she decided to try rehab at the Welsh Home.

              Gay’s rehab journey was a team effort. She worked with Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy to gain her strength back. She was using a hoyer lift to get in and out of bed and was unable to use the commode. PT worked on bed mobility sliding board transfers, leg exercises and just sitting up on the edge of bed. Once Gay got a little stronger, PT and OT worked together on her sit to stand transfers and standing tolerance. Initially only able to stand for a few seconds, she was bound and determined to get stronger and eventually stood for 10 minutes. With a lot of encouragement she went form walking 3' feet to walking 300' with a rollator. 

              Occupational therapy worked on her ADL’s considering that upon admission she was unable to dress herself.  By the end of her stay she could be found in the bathroom getting ready and even using her sock aide! 

              Speech therapy worked on swallowing exercises since Gay came to the Welsh home on a puree diet.   After a couple of weeks of safe swallowing strategies, she was back eating turkey sandwiches. Speech also worked on Gay ‘s cognition. Her initial SLUMS score was 15 out of 30. Week after week the Speech Therapist worked with many different memory strategies to get Gay’s score up to a 29.

              Gay’s next decision was where she was going to live. After great thought she decided to move to an assisted living to be around more people.  Gay left The Welsh Home by walking out the door and getting into a car to her new home where she was looking forward to sitting outside watching the birds. Her fortitude and hard work are an inspiration! Thank you Gay and the team Welsh Home! 

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