9% Cut

On December1, 2020, CMS announced a 9% cut to therapy reimbursement rates effective January 1, 2021! Several organizations have petitioned to delay this harsh reduction, read more to see how quick and easy it is for you to support our elderly and chronically ill individuals during this already difficult time. 

In response to the CMS planned January 1, 2021 therapy reimbursement rate cut, AOTA, APTA and ASHA among others are urging Congress to include H.R. 8702, the Holding Providers Harmless from Medicare Cuts During COVID-19 Act of 2020 in active legislation before the end of the year. This would delay the 9% rate cut for 2 years and enable consistent access to and provision of therapy services when residents need it most. Our therapists know first hand how crushing the pandemic has been for both those directly affected by the novel coronavirus and those indirectly affected by the virus.  Many residents have suffered through lonliness, depression and inactivity with isolation mandates, reduced staffing availability and the illness itself. Therapy has been the bright spot for countless individuals. With all of the challenges our residents and therapists has faced this year, a 9% cut at this time is harsh and undue. Please make your voice heard in support of delaying this cut by following one of the below links:

AOTA Take Action Page 

APTA Take Action Page 

ASHA Take Action Page 

NASL Quick Letter Link  (The National Association for the Support of Long Term Care) 

Your actions today can definitely impact the future of resident care as we seek to "treat everyone as if they are our own Monther or Father". 

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Proud of Our Teams!

On a weekly basis, Mark Stapleton, Dir. of Clinical Operations, sends out an email to our FRCs noting the challenges and accomplishments of the past week. He speaks on behalf of all who support our therapy teams. We are so proud to work with each of our resourceful therapists! Below is one example.

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Small Kindnesses

Our seniors and immune compromised individuals have been dealt a 1-2 sucker punch by COVID 19. Arbor's therapists help to offset the second punch.

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