Recovery from COVID can be more like a marathon than a sprint, from Dependent to Independent Living! 

     Life changes quickly. In 2020, Beth was preparing to move to independent living when she was struck with Covid. The illness hit her particularly hard because of other health issues. She became very debilitated during the illness. Walking, transfers, moving in the bed, and activities of daily living required maximum assistance. Beth also suffered with speech and swallowing difficulties. She later stated "I don't know what I would have done without therapy. They really have been instrumental in getting me back to my full strength. I don't think I have been this strong for a long time." 
     Like training for a marathon, Beth made slow and steady progress towards her goals.  And like preparing for any big event, her motivation and excellent therapeutic interventions worked together to enable her success.  Beth is ready to move to a private apartment!  This apartment is geared toward seniors with disabilities.  Traveling, quilting, sewing, reading , diamond painting and being outdoors more are just a few of the activities Beth looks forward to enjoying! 
     The Arbor Rehab therapy team at Green Village Nursing and Rehabilitation would like to wish Beth the best of luck as she starts her new adventure.                                                                               We will sincerely miss Beth and her contagious smile . 

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