From bed bound to homeward bound, Bobby achieves his goals! 

     Bobby was admitted to Missouri's Hidden Lake Care Center after being hospitalized in May of 2021 with sharp abdominal pain. PT and OT evaluated Bobby upon his arrival, and he reported he had been bed bound since Nov 2020 due to multiple issues.  Bobby initially required 2 persons for bed mobility, sitting up in bed and was only able to sit bedside short durations with a therapist supporting his trunk. A mechanical lift was initially used to help get him into a manual wheelchair and he had difficulty maintaining an upright posture due to significant weakness.

     Bobby was motivated and continued to work hard to where he was able to obtain an electric powerchair and earn to drive it. His hard work also enabled him to transition to sit/stand lift and eventually be able to stand in the parallel bars with 3 therapists to assist him. Again, Bobby remained dedicated to his exercises program and extremely motivated to regain strength. Over time, Bobby progressed to being able to stand with one person and began to take steps with his walker in Sept 2021. After several more months continuing with PT and OT, Bobby is preparing to return home in January 2022 to his new apartment. He has lost 50 lbs. which was a personal goal for him, through OT he has learned to dress himself independently using compensatory strategies and adaptive equipment. Bobby can confidently perform functional transfers, walk 50-75 ft distances with his walker with supervision and drive his powerchair around with a great big smile and an unforgettable chuckle. The biggest thing that we will remember Bobby for is his for his persistence and dedication, although some days he was in pain and not feeling well, he didn’t let it deter him from his goal to once again be able to live in the community with support.

    We are honored at Hidden Lake to be a part of Mr. Bobby’s journey and we wish him well! 


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