Arbor Rehab's SLP Jenna did not accept "No" for an answer! 

Arbor's own SLP Jenna would not take "No" for an answer! She was able to trial an AAC device ( Augmentative and Alternative Communication device) with one of her residents. He had profound expressive aphasia following a stroke in December of 2020. Despite previous communication boards, this individual had displayed limited interaction using this mode of communication. Upon trying the AAC, his speech therapist says he did amazing! He enjoyed using the device and became more engaged in the world around him.

Unfortunately, despite this success, his insurance company declined payment for the device. Arbor's determined therapist reached out to the AAC company, Lingraphica, and they were able to help appeal the insurance company's decision. Months later, the insurance company finally approved the device, paying 100% of the cost! The facility, family and of course gentleman himself were ecstatic! This achievement on everyone's part just shows how important it is to advocate for our residents, exploring all avenues to get what the person needs to function at their best. Thank you Jenna for treating this man like a family member and going the extra mile to give him a voice! 

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