Therapy Training and Education

Arbor’s approach to education and training is a keystone to our success. From initial presentation to demonstrated competency, our educational process is superior. 

We have successfully navigated through each and every regulation change due to the eminence of our education and training procedures.

Clinical Staff

We at Arbor Rehabilitation recognize that effective therapy programs don’t just happen. It takes well qualified professionals who receive exemplary support to provide successful therapy programs.  Ongoing educational opportunities are offered to our therapists from a variety of venues. Online webinars, live classroom training, hands-on experiences, and small group and/or one to one coaching occur to enable our therapists to maximize patient outcomes through strong clinical knowledge.

Having proficient clinicians leads to improved patient outcomes

Having a company that will facilitate your growth leads to employee satisfaction

Our clinical staff also receives instruction and clarification re: state survey preparedness, various payer regulations and requirements, and means to enhance customer service.

Therapy Management

In addition to the continuous education and training of our corporate team, each building manager, or Facility Rehab Coordinator (FRC) participates in real time training on a regular basis to remain current and skilled on such topics as Minimum Data Set (MDS) updates related to therapy, clinical trends, and regulatory changes. Regional directors ensure thorough understanding of complex topics through facility audits, FRC interviews, quizzes, and mandatory competencies. 

Facility Staff

In addition to empowering our therapists with up to date information, our team is available to assist your team with clinically relevant information related to such concerns as case mix scores, sophisticated Prospective Payment System (PPS) management, and valuable patient management techniques. We routinely offer presentations and trainings to facility staff as well as contracted billing personnel when applicable.  The customer benefits significantly from our willingness to come alongside their team to train on new changes, develop and implement more efficient systems, and enhance solidarity between the therapy staff and facility staff. 

To learn more about physical therapy training and education and occupational therapy training and education, contact us today at 440-423-0206 or fill out our contact form.

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