At Arbor Rehabilitation, our integrity is unwaivering. Through proactively minimizing compliance risks, we protect our customers, patients and therapists. The compliance program at Arbor consists of elements per the Office of Inspector General (OIG- the enforcement arm to the Compliance Program) and goes above and beyond the basic requirements. 


  Arbor provides compliace support and focus through the following:

  • Annual compliance training for all Arbor Rehab employees

  • Information sharing on trending healthcare topics and changes

  • Continued topic- specific training for all clinicians

  • Competency testing for clinical and regulatory compliance

  • Facility audits to ensure federal, state, and licensure compliance

  • Targeted audits to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Around the clock access to Arbor Rehabilitation's employee portal with confidential online reporting system for all compliance concerns

  • Dedicated full time Director of Clinical Compliance on staff

Here's how the OIG's 7 elements of a Compliance Program are applied at Arbor Rehabilitation: 

  1. Standards of Conduct:  Employee Handbook as well as Policies and Procedures are routinley updated and shared with all employees via our website.

  2. Designation of Compliance Officer (and Compliance Committee): According to the OIG, …” such individuals shall be given adequate resources, appropriate authority, and direct access to the governing authority…” Our Director of Clinical Compliance reports directly to Arbor Rehab's owner, Rob Vadas.

  3. Education: Arbor employees receive ongoing training regarding documention and billing standards, regulatory updates and payer source guidelines. Communication lines are always open among staff and their supervisors as well as our corporate team to aviod potential issues. Education occurs on-site, during 1:1 meetings, emails, on our website and through Arbor University. 

  4. Monitoring and Auditing: Routine and specialized audits of documentation and policy adherence helps Arbor to stay on top of any potentially negative trends. Educational needs of the staff  are screened . Arbor also reviews the use of outside agents to ensure consistent integrity with our vendors and business associates.

  5. Investigating  and Reporting: In the event of a suspected breech of compliance standards, per Arbor Rehab’s internal investigation process, the Compliance Director and Operations will participate in a thorough and objective investigation of the situation and notify administration of their findings to ensure appropriate further action occurs. Our website link for compliance alert reporting may also be used.

  6. Enforcement and Discipline: Follow through and accountability are supported not only by our compliance director but also by Arbor Rehabilitation's Executive Vice President, Director of Clinical Operations, Area Managers and Human Resource personnel. 

  7. Response and Prevention: Includes documentation of the misconduct and how it was reported, a description of the investigation process including documents reviewed, notes regarding staff interviews and responses,  and documentation of any disciplinary actions taken or remedial actions is maintained. Staff education is provided as appropriate.

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