Rehabilitation Services

One of Arbor Rehabilitation’s many strengths is the diversified approach our therapists take in helping their patient’s return to their highest level of functioning. Upon physician referral, our therapists:

  • Develop an individualized plan of treatment for each patient. The plan considers such issues as the person’s medical status, previous level of functioning, the anticipated discharge plan and their current status.
  • Family and caregiver involvement is welcomed and encouraged.
  • During the rehabilitation process, progressive challenges are provided to ultimately enable the person to achieve their highest level of functioning.
  • When necessary, adaptations are made to maximize a person’s ability to be comfortable and engaged in the environment in a way that is safe and satisfying to the individual.
  • For those who may be returning to home, an in-home evaluation may be completed with the individual and their families to ensure the most appropriate recommendations are made.

Are you currently evaluating rehabilitation service providers? Contact Arbor at 440-423-0206 or fill out our contact form on this page and we’ll work with you to find the optimal solution for your facility. 

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