Reimbursement Maximization

When you are passionate for quality care and commit to knowledge of regulations, your customers will be successful.

Through continuous education of our managers or Facility Rehabilitation Coordinators (FRCs) and fostering the clinical growth of our clinicians, an increase of quality therapy programs is realized in each customer’s facility.  This lends to not only better outcomes for the long term care residents and short term rehab-to-home patients but an increase in reimbursement for our customers to continue to provide and enhance their service delivery.  With quality clinical skills, knowledge of coverage details, and monitoring of compliance, we can assure you that claims are legitimate and will be reimbursed. 


Clinical Skills = Increased Programs

Knowledge = Maximization and capturing of what is being delivered

Compliance = Accuracy of claims

Arbor Rehabilitation utilizes a three branched approach to reimbursement maximization.

Ownership in the success of each facility we service

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We understand that in order to achieve that- we must go beyond traditional contract therapy services and become an extension of each facility. This means knowing more about the Minimum Data Set (MDS) than just how to complete Section O. This means knowing more about billing than just if our invoice is complete.  This means knowing more about case mix than if we have a resident in a rehab resource utilization group (RUG). For our corporate team, it means being involved…Being present, knowledgeable, accessible, proactive, knowing the residents and patients our therapists are treating and knowing the facility staff.

We are successful in maximizing our customers’ reimbursement by our:

  • Formal case mix management
  • Set procedures for monitoring
  • Consistent review of key indicators
  • Knowledge of the regulations
  • Variety of skill sets
  • Attention to detail
  • Growth of clinicians
  • Development of FRCs
  • Coordination of care
  • Benchmarking to peer group
  • Passion for intervention
  • Continued monitoring for compliance
  • Thorough use of software system
  • Complimentary teams
  • Involvement of regional director                                     
Confidence in our Clinicians
  • Ongoing development of programs and training for variety of skill sets insures that every resident in need of intervention will be properly serviced
  • Continued monitoring of quality intervention insures appropriate RUG utilization and length of stay
  • Constant support insures claim integrity including internal Quality Assurance systems
Fortitude of our Facility Rehab Coordinators (FRC’s)
  • The knowledge base of our FRCs is unparalleled. In addition to experience and longevity, these individuals demonstrate ongoing enhancement of their skill sets which is evidenced by their completion of quizzes and competencies          
  • Ongoing education and training with our FRCs equates to successful capturing of our services to optimize reimbursement for our customers
  • Knowledge and resources invested in our FRC’s equates to improved support for customers’ Minimum Data Set (MDS) and Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinators (RNAC’s). As a result of this collaboration, you will realize increased accuracy of the MDS, and optimized assessment reference date (ARD) selection. Through better coordination of care and communication, enhancement of case mix is achieved.

We can assist you with your rehabilitation services reimbursement maximization. Contact Arbor at 440-423-0206 or fill out our contact form on this page and we’ll work with you to find the optimal solution for your facility.

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