Helpful Hints for Outpatients

Coming back to therapy is an exciting time to see just how far you've come and to help you get to the next milestone!  You may even be able to come back to your local rehab center where you know your surroundings and the therapists!  Arbor Rehabilitation is also proud to support a free standing outpatient clinic in the Lake County area with a focus on orthopedic rehab!  To maximize your outpatient therapy experience, keep in mind the following:

  • Yout therapist has set aside time just for you! Please help us to stay on schedule by alerting us as soon as possible of any potential late or missed appointments.
  • Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes and well fitting sneakers
  • Bring with you any equipment you may use to walk so your therapy team can ensure the best fit and safety for you
  • If you have any braces or splints that you currently use, bring those as well so your therapist can adjust for you as necessary and ensure proper fit. 
  • If you have a Home Exercise Program from previous therapy, bring that as well so your therapy team can see what you've been doing and update it if necessary
  • You will probably only be seeing your therapist a few times a week. Success at this point depends on you- please try to follow all recommended safety techniques and exercise programs

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