Arbor Rehab’s Area Manager Tiffany Stull truly has a heart of gold. Her desire to help others started with her career as an Occupational Therapist Assistant. She learned from her supervisors not only clinical skills but operational expertise as well. In order to better support her colleagues, Tiffany rose to the challenge of becoming a Facility Rehab Coordinator (FRC) and then an Area Manager with Arbor. When asked what motivated her to take on these roles, Tiffany stated that she wants to help the next generation of therapists succeed.

Tiffany’s warmth and kindness is evident in her interactions with residents, customers and co-workers. She exemplifies the values she says are important for someone to be a good manager- patience, kindness, understanding and the wisdom to keep the focus on important objectives. The ability to treat patients on a daily basis is something Tiffany misses in her role as an Area Manager. Being a “people-person” would definitely describe Tiffany!

When asked what she’s most like others to know about our company, Tiffany stated that Arbor employees, including Director of Clinical Operations Mark Stapleton, are always here to help no matter what the questions or problem! She appreciates that her colleagues are resourceful and supportive well beyond the “9-5” routine.

Outside of work, Tiffany enjoys camping, time spent with her husband and daughter, road trips with her two sons’ traveling baseball and football teams, vacationing in the Outer Banks and most importantly, being with her family. Tiffany’s caring approach with everyone she meets is an asset to us all. Thank you for being a part of the Arbor family Tiffany!


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Oppose CMS’s 15% Cut by September 13, 2021!

Voice your opposition to a January 1, 2022 implementation of a 15% cut to the reimbursement rate for services provided by a therapy assistant! Complete the template letter at:

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Proud of Our Teams!

On a weekly basis, Mark Stapleton, Dir. of Clinical Operations, sends out an email to our FRCs noting the challenges and accomplishments of the past week. He speaks on behalf of all who support our therapy teams. We are so proud to work with each of our resourceful therapists! Below is one example.

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