Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Arbor Rehabilitation?

Arbor is staffed with intelligent people with a strong work ethic who take ownership in the quality of services they provide.  Our customers describe us as hands-on, involved, knowledgeable and caring.  All of this translates into improved patient care and operational outcomes for your facility.

What sets Arbor apart from other companies?

Arbor is not your typical contract therapy provider.  We are a quality, patient-centered provider in an outcomes driven industry.  We take pride in our hands on approach for all levels of service delivery.  When you call our headquarters, you speak to the same people every time.  You get personalized support and patient centered operational success.

Will I ever see a Regional Director in my building?

Each regional director for Arbor Rehabilitation is extremely involved.  We guarantee monthly site visits; however more frequent visits may occur based on the needs of each customer

What type of billing support does Arbor offer?

RehabOptima provides industry leading billing support. Customers also receive billing assistance from all levels of management.  We are well versed in assisting each customer with their unique billing needs.

How do you handle ADR’s and denials?

Based on our therapist’s documentation skills and ongoing education, we are proud of a high percentage of favorable decisions. Arbor is an industry leader in ADR and denial management.  Our Corporate team is there from start to finish, ADR to ALJ, to ensure that we fight for what is justified and reimbursable for each of our customers. 

Will I have a manager on site?

Arbor provides each customer with an FRC (Facility Rehab Coordinator) who oversees day to day operations for that facility.  Our FRCs receive comprehensive training and testing on the latest industry updates. They also have training to enable them to provide strong management to the therapy teams in each building.

How can Arbor help me as a therapist?

By becoming a part of the Arbor Family, you become exposed to a plethora of ideas, tools and techniques to better attain the outcomes you desire.  We guarantee that as an Arbor therapist, you will improve your skills and become a more effective practitioner.

Featured Success Story


Arbor Rehabilitation's Regional Director Mark Stapleton and Area Manager Margie Wendell host the Arbor display booth at the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) annual convention. 

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