Company Overview

The name Arbor was inspired by the oak tree’s strength, longevity, steady growth, and qualities of comfort and renewal for those who seek its shade. The wide spread of its branches, each strong and unique, remind us of the many custom programs we have to offer.

Arbor Rehabilitation represents over 40 years of rehabilitation excellence. Our owner, Rob Vadas, brings invaluable, diverse long-term care experience since his career started in 1974.  His mission is for all of our therapists to "Treat every client and patient as if  they are your mother or father".  Rob also instills that there is no substitute for embracing helpful clinical and technological advances while retaining an old-style, hands-on caring approach. 

In our current dynamic health care environment, you need more than a good therapy program. Your therapy provider needs to be an experienced partner in a variety of clinical settings, able to provide a proven, systematic approach that helps you manage today’s challenges. That is why a partnership with Arbor Rehabilitation is so valuable.

We hope you will find our website informative and will recognize our commitment to authentic, quality patient-centered care provided with integrity in all aspects of the services we provide.

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