Therapy Cap Update

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Therapy Cap Update

        This past fall it seemed Congress was set to permanently repeal the therapy cap for our Part B patients. Unfortunately Congress recessed for the holidays without a permanent repeal or an exception process in place. This means that on January 1, 2018, a hard cap on therapy services will go into effect. Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy will share a capped amount of $2010.00 for 2018. OT will have a capped amount of $2010.00. The KX modifier to justify therapy services above the capped amount will no longer apply.  For almost 20 years Congress has consistently provided a temporary exemption to the cap and it is anticipated that this will occur again. Congress resumes in mid January and our professional organizations are working hard to encourage them to quickly enact a permanent repeal or at least an exception process. 

     What this means for our therapy teams is that we need to continue to provide the skilled, medically necessary rehabilitative services that we have always done. At this time there should be no change in the therapy service delivery model.  We know that our therapy teams are dedicated to maximizing each resident’s potential, and we will continue to provide education and support for the achievement of this goal. 

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