The 15% Cut

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As you may be aware, Medicare will be implementing a 15% cut to all Part B services provided by physical therapy and occupational therapy assistants. We were hopeful that legislation would be enacted to stop this from occurring, but unfortunately, no such legislation has been passed at this time.  Arbor Rehab has developed strategies to help offset these cuts from an operations perspective.  Training to our Facility Rehab Coordinators (FRCs)  included information on the CMS de minimus  guidelines- which refers to how billing should be split if a patient is seen by both an evaluating therapist and an assistant on the same visit. Billing examples from CMS were also shared. Although there was a significant effort to avert or at least delay these cuts, they will go into effect January 1, 2022. Through FRC education and careful scheduling, Arbor Rehab will minimize the impact of this reduction.     

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