Snowflakes and Arbor Rehabilitation

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     It is a competitive market when it comes to therapy contract services. No two are exactly alike, just like the snow flakes that will be arriving soon. Most therapy providers appoint a manager for each department and a supervisor for that individual. Some therapy providers provide continuing education opportunities. Some offer operational support for their customers. Arbor Rehabilitation is unique in that we provide all of the above to our therapy teams and client facilities. 

     Did you know that Arbor Rehabilitation routinely engages in training sessions for the nursing staff at our facilities? We have provided lecture type seminars, 1:1 coaching and small group operational training to maximize successful clinical and financial outcomes.  Our full time therapists have access to over 100 hours of continuing education opportunities through Arbor University, an on line based platform that also integrates with our own proprietary courses. Our therapy managers are called Facility Rehab Coordinators or FRCs. These carefully chosen clinicians are given several hours of 1:1 training to effectively carry forward our ideals.  Our knowledgeable FRCs work closely with the resident assessment coordinator ( or MDS nurse) for savvy PPS implememtation and case mix maximization. 

     As we prepare for a new year, our corporate team is busy strategizing for multiple changes. We know the Resident Classification System will be everyone's central focus, but there are additioanl changes to prepare for as well. There will be new CPT codes for all three disciplines, a probable discontinuation of the therapy caps for part B residents, new state survey guidelines and new disaster planning regualtions to support. Our therapy teams have been and will continue to be educated on all of these topics in order to partner with our client facilities and provide the best care possible. The comprehensive, personalized approach to customer and resident care at Arbor Rehabilitation is second to none and makes us unique, just like the snow flakes that we know are about to start falling! 

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