Revised Guidance to State Surveyors

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According to a December 2, 2014 article in McKnights Long Term Care News, an online publication, state surveyors have been given revised guidelines to consider when assessing dementia care in a nursing facility.

Per Mcknight's article, “Another revised portion of the manual addresses quality of care for residents with dementia, including potentially warranted use of antipsychotic medications. For example, a resident with a “persistent, frightening delusion” that his or her children are in danger, and who is almost constantly “inconsolable” despite caregiver and family interventions, might be a candidate for a “trial of a low dose antipsychotic medication.”

Other changes include a note that falls “do not constitute self-injurious behavior or a medical symptom” calling for the use of a physical restraint. Surveyors should attempt to ensure that staff are trying to minimize negative psychosocial impacts of feeding tubes, such as diminished social interactions at mealtimes, according to another updated section.”

Arbor Rehab has consistently sought to educate staff and supports varied approaches to dementia care management that minimizes negative behaviors, consoles agitated residents and affirms individual dignity. Through our wheelchair positioning seminars, restraint free approaches to safety and function are consistently implemented. Arbor's Dignified Diners program also seeks to maximize swallowing skills and self feeding potential. Many of Arbor's SLPs are Vital Stim or eSWALLOW certified to use Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation ( NMES)to reduce resident dependence on feeding tubes.  State surveyors will be well pleased with the care they see provided at our facilities!

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