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     Looking back on all that has transpired in 2016, it's no wonder many of us feel like we need to catch our breath a moment! Rewind to December of 2015 and you will recall we were adjusting to new Medicaid Case Mix indices in Ohio as we had recently transitioned to a 57 Group model. Arbor Rehablitation had trained our Facility Rehab Coordinators (FRCs) to be ready to support Resident Nurse Assessment Coordinators with this shift. In the winter of 2016, we adjusted to changes in Quality Measures and updates to the 5 Star system.  By spring time we were busy learning all we could about the Metropolitan Statistical Areas or MSAs that were to be impacted by the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement or BPCI initiative.  To prepare our teams for both BPCI and the new Quality Measures, Arbor Rehabilitation developed an extensive manual and questionnaires to guide therapists in promoting effective and efficient discharge planning. We also instituted routine outcome scoring using the AM-PAC system since it is widely recognized and a recommendation from CMS. This enables area hospitals to see our strong results when compared to a patient's length of stay.

     Over the summer our therpaists were trained on the new MDS section, Section GG, which looks at outcomes for our skilled residents. Each team is now able to support the RNAC to the extent that he or she is looking for therapy input with scoring a person's “usual” performance. This past fall we held a live all day training session for our Rehab Coordinators to ensure they have a solid foundation in both the clinical and business aspects to running a department. Now that Section GG is smoothly in place, we have been training our FRCs and evaluating therapists on the new evaluation codes for OT and PT. Competency tests have been instituted to ensure coding accuracy for evaluations. This leads to less denials and stronger clinical integrity for each chart.

     So now we come to the end of the year. In consideration of all that has been accomplished, we pause and consider how this is all possible. Growth and the above achievements are realized because of our great customers, dedicated and knowledgeable FRCs and our caring, conscientious therapists! It is truly a pleasure to work with all of you. Thank you for a wonderful year. We at Arbor Rehabilitation wish each and everyone of you a happy holiday season and healthy New Year!

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