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Each year as we head towards the fall months we anticipate regulation updates and changes that impact our service delivery. Issues currently being addressed and forcasted for the future include the importance of reducing re- hospitalization rates, especially for such diagnoses as pneumonia, COPD and cardiac complications. Arbor addresses these concerns through thorough wheelchair positioning approaches, progressive mobility and exercise challenges and patient education.

As insurance companies work to refine the Medicaid Managed Care process ( My Care), Arbor works closely with facilities to ensure proper documentation is in place for reimbursement. During the seminar on July 29, the speaker Pete Van Runkle stressed that Prior Authorizations are a growing trend among My Care insurance carriers and will continue to be essential. The impact of My Care plans will grow as enrollees opt for or are automatically enrolled in Medicare Managed Care plans through My Care.   

Quality ratings will continue to be influenced in part by dementia care variables. Surveyors will be focusing on evidence of famliy involvement, facility treatment of the cause of disruptive behaviors not just the behavior itself and finally proof of attempted reduction of antipsychotic medications. Our therapists are well equipped to address these concerns with consistent training in Claudia Allen based appraoches to behavior management.

Updates to the Life Safety Code enables facilities to place decorations on non required fire rated doors provided they do not interfere with the function and latching of the door and they do not exceed 30% of the available wall/ceiling or door area inside any space or room in a fully sprinklered area.  Additional updates allow for a more home-like atmosphere in facilities with items such as fireplaces and open kitchens provided they meet NFPA 101 Life Safety Code standards.   

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