A Season of Transformation

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We realize the days are getting shorter, nights cooler and leaves are starting to turn during these early days of autumn.  At Arbor Rehab we are also preparing for a new season! Our season of change welcomes a few new undertakings. 

This past summer our own home health division was officailly launched!  Annie Harris is our Director of Home Health services and coordinates our home health contract therapy division. She fills many roles such as business development, customer service liason, human resource for her team and team educator for all of the various rules to be followed and software programs to master! Arbor is fortunate in having such a multi-talented clinician leading our newest division!   

As we  prepare for fall, our therapy teams are recieving education about October's MDS changes, including the revised Section GG. On-line, custom prepared courses and quizzes ensure our therapists have the knowledge to help our customers capture the strong functional gains realized by our therapy teams. We know this will, in turn, enable our facilities to show positive outcomes on all of the quality measures in place, including on the Nursing Home Compare website. In addition, effective section GG scoring will lead to sound case mix indices once PDPM is initiated. 

Finally we have had and continue to support FUNctional therapy. Our teams have gone above and beyond to ensure our patients have a positive, fun and effective episode of care while at our facilities. From Lawn Dice to "Fishing" to Rootbeer pong, our therapists engage patients in goal oriented fun, knowing that laughter is another form of good medicine! 

At Arbor Rehabilitation, we know there is a lot of work to be done to prepare for the days ahead. With our strong management team, efficient use of training resources and commitment to treating each resident as if they were our own parents,  we will succeed and thrive with the challenges facing our industry!      

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