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Arbor Rocks at OHCA

Arbor Rehab shares strong strategies for maximizing case mix scoring under the new RUGS IV system!

Maximizing Quality With Evolving Systems

Partnering with your therapy team will help you make the most of the changes ahead!

Is Your Therapy Team Ready for ‘16?

RUGS IV Medicaid impacts therapy and nursing!

Are you ready for IMPACT?

Arbor Rehabilitation and Healthcare Services Inc. therapists are well equipped to help your facility thrive as effective outcomes become a CMS focus!

Bipartisan Respectability- H.R. 2 Passage!

The House and now the Senate pass legislature to sustain access to Medicare benefits.

Is Your Therapy Team Ready to Help Offset the 5 Star Rebasing?

A rebased rating system may have facilities scrambling for stars. Therapy can help!

False Claims Act

By clearly knowing the regulations and approaching patient care with integrity, Arbor Rehabilitation continues to function above reproach!

Revised Guidance to State Surveyors

Dementia care now has revised indicators for state surveyors.

Ohio Deartment of Health Ebola Facts

These facts clarify concerns related to the Ebola virus

CMS Update

CMS's Final Rule 2015 contains an easing of some Change of Therapy regulations. On the other hand, they are also re-initiating some Recovery Audits through modified contracts with previous auditors.

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Featured Success Story


Pearl's family was so impressed and pleased by the success of The Orchards of East Liverpool's team and thier ability to get thier Mom back home, they put it in writing!

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